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I miss you. I miss the way you smile, your yellow teeth, your hair, the way you brushed your eyes when you were sleepy, your face and our hold hands, our walks in the park, the way we were at movies just kissing or seeing each other for long minutes. I miss the way we looked at each other. I miss your eyes and the way I feel like I’ve recognize you. I miss you more, everyday. I stop of remembering our sexual things and I keep missing our love things. Like the rose you gave me, the draws I showed to you, and that specifically draw I gave to you. I miss you. But stills it isn’t enough to you come back to me. Stills it not what you want and it’s not what I want, anymore. Is that kinda of love that you keep loving that person, but you know that it’s will never gonna be the same in the future, no matter how good it was once. I love you and I miss you. I miss our dates on 3:30, I miss those butterflies everytime I were see you. I miss how good it was. I love you.  I miss how we were perfect for each other for those months. I miss it. But must of all, I miss the way I always cried because you were like one those things, that you think you’ll never gonna get someone good and then, you get it. Was hapiness. I was happy, my whole like was perfect. I remember always going to shower thinking about how perfect my life was, how God has touched it, how I loved you and about how happy I was and I didn’t wanted to thind to end. I didn’t. I wanted to make you happy, and your days better and your cries to turn to laugh. I wanted to be your friend like I’ve never wanted to be friends of nobody else. I miss you. Everytime I walk to my home, I miss you. I miss you, because it’s like I’ve gave to you a part of my bed. It’s like I’ve gave to you a part or my heart, not all, but a part that I wanted to you be in it. And you were. I miss our laughs and your smile, the way I wanted to be there for you, always supporting you, I gave so much to you, and I know that somehow and one time, you felt the same about me. But stills I gave so much to you it stills it wasn’t nothing at all to you? I may have been just a girlfriend, but you were the first and only. Because you were that one who I still would gave anything to support and say that I’m proud even when you are in your worst. I don”t feel the shame or the fear anymore. I don’t feel the preoccupation anymore. I just miss you. Miss you when you were in my house, in my bedroom, in my bed, sleeping right next to me. I miss your eyes and your look, your hands, your fingers, we together. Just so you know, I haven’t even touch in a pencil since you’re gone. I used to draw a lot about us, like it was photos we didn’t take but that stills remains, somewhere. I hope in your mind too. I know that you don’t like me anymore, you just don’t feel the same and there’s nobody to blame. It’s just life. Even if it hurts me like hell right now. I know I’m gonna to be fine. But I miss you. I want you back, right next to me. I want to be fine. I want to move on but when I saw someone, I just remember about you. About how much they can’t, never, be the first I love, be the first I would gave everything for. About how much I don’t want anyone else that soon. I just want you. 

LMAO…this is kind of F*d up, but it’s soo funny! xD





Did anyone notice she said she’s 11 but her dad commited suicide 13 years ago…That awkward moment when your dad dies two years before you were conceived.
Did anyone else notice her mum died a month after her dad…
That awkward moment where your mum dies before she gives birth to you.
That awkward moment when you were raised by a dog…
and then the dog died.

omfg I can’t breathe.

I never ever reblog things like this, but this had me crying with laughter.

You know what times is it? Time to move on.